Parish Policies and Procedures

The Diocese is a decentralized organization with each parish being its own separate corporation but with the Bishop and Vicar General as leaders of each parish along with the Pastor. It is important to allow each parish to implement their own programs and initiatives in the community they serve in support of the overall Diocesan mission and at the same time ensure assets are safeguarded and overall policies are being followed.

In a decentralized structure, it is critical that there are a policy and procedure guidelines and requirements that each of the units in the Diocese follows to protect the fiduciary responsibilities of all of us.

Central Support Ministry has created and will continue to revise the policy and procedures manual for the Diocese of Syracuse. We have reviewed manuals of other dioceses to provide a guideline on best practices and ensure that all areas are covered. This site is intended to be the single point of reference for endorsed best practices and policies. Please note that due to the ever changing business, legal, and technological landscape of the world we live in, this volume will receive frequent updates.

We welcome your comments and questions, doing so will help the Central Support Ministry improve both the content and clarity of this document.

Child and Youth Protection

Communications (Print, Online, Social Media)

Development Guidelines

Facilities Management and Capital Projects

Human Resources

IT Policies

Parish Administration and Accounting

Norms for Parish Finance Councils

Risk Management