All motorized vehicles, licensed by the State of New York, and owned by the each of the Diocesan locations are covered under the Protected Self-Insurance Program.

 Diocesan owned vehicle additions, deletions and/or changes should be reported immediately to the Risk Management Department by calling Brian McAuliffe at 315-470-1494.

New vehicles must be registered under the primary registrant name:  Roman Catholic Diocese Syracuse (please omit the word “of” in the name of the primary registrant).   The registrant’s address should be the mailing address of the specific Diocese parish or location.    An FS-80 form (verification of insurance coverage) will be provided by Risk Management to all locations for placement in the glove compartment of every insured vehicle.  The registration form MV-82 can be downloaded from the New York State website at  

When a vehicle is deleted, the license plate should be turned into the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and an FS-6T form secured. (Given to you by DMV)  The original FS-6T form should be sent to Risk Management Department and a copy kept at the Diocese location.  

Please fill out the Add/Delete form below and send to the Risk Management office.

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Only approved authorized employees may drive Diocesan Vehicles.  Approval may only be granted by the Pastor, Principal, Director or Superintendent at the involved location. Diocesan Priests, Sisters who serve the Diocese and employees may be approved as authorized drivers.  Volunteers or non-employees are not permitted to use Diocesan owned vehicles, only authorized employees may drive Diocesan owned vehicles.

A list of approved drivers of Diocesan Insured Vehicles will be maintained at each Diocesan location and a copy will be furnished to the Risk Management Office.  The list should be kept current at all times.

Each driver of a Diocesan Insured Vehicle and employee using their personal vehicle for company purposes must complete the enclosed Authorized Driver Information form acknowledging receipt of the Motor Vehicle Operators Policy and Procedures Manual.

It is required that all authorized drivers complete a Defensive Driver Course as soon as possible after their hire, or upon authorization to drive a diocesan owned vehicle or personal vehicle used for company purposes.  It is recommended that the Defensive Driver course be taken every (3) years. Defensive Driving Courses (DDC) are available through local National Safety Counsel Offices or go to the Catholic Mutual Groups Online Website at:

Diocesan Vehicles are intended to be used for business only. The only exception is when there is an established written arrangement such as the religious compensation packages or other approved personal use agreements.   Vehicles are to be used by employees only and not by family members.

Diocesan Vehicles are not to be loaned to anyone under any circumstances.  The only exception is the loaning of vehicles to other participants of the Diocese of Syracuse Self-Insurance Program.

Smoking is prohibited in Diocesan insured vehicles.

Cell phone use, texting, or any use of a handheld device is prohibited while driving.  All state and local laws in this regard are to be followed.

Seat belts will be worn by all occupants and at all times.  In the rare occasion that an infant is in the vehicle, an appropriate and legally required infant’s or child’s seat must be used, in accordance with applicable State laws.

Employees/Volunteers using their Own Personal Vehicles

Employees/Volunteers  using  their  own  personal  vehicle  for  company business  must  abide  by  the  driver  requirements  noted  in this  policy. Volunteers are not permitted to use Diocesan owned vehicles, only authorized employees may drive Diocesan owned vehicles.

The  vehicle  must  be  in  safe  operating  condition  and  have  a  current registration and inspection sticker.  All personally owned vehicles used on behalf of the Diocese must be insured.  The minimum Liability limit for personally owned vehicles is $100,000/$300,000 and the required No-Fault –PIP coverage.


 Whenever an accident occurs on your property or involves your parish, school or organization, the following steps should be taken immediately to mitigate losses:

·      Fully complete and sign the designated Diocesan Accident Report.

·      Document the exact date and time.

·      Obtain the name, address, phone number and Date of Birth of any injured party.

·      Determine the extent of the injury to the best of your ability and call for medical assistance if necessary.

·      As the injured party to give you a detailed description of how the accident occurred.

·      Determine the exact location of the accident site.

·      Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of any and all potential witnesses.  Remember, a witness does not necessarily have to be an eyewitness.

·      Inspect the accident site immediately, and document your findings, take pictures if you are able.

·      Preserve and secure any evidence, such as chairs, ladders, etc.

·      If a contractor or organization using you premises is involved, obtain the above mentioned information and  research your files for an updated Certificate of Insurance, Hold Harmless Agreement and contract agreement.

·      Attach any diagrams, statements, police reports and photos to the designated Diocesan Accident Report.

·      Report all non-employee bodily injury claims of a serious nature to within 24 hours to Paul Devlin at Risk Management at 315-470-1494. Be prepared to give a verbal report of the results of your investigation.

·      If your office is served with a Summons & Complaint or a letter from an attorney, please call Risk Management immediately for instructions.


The Diocese of Syracuse Protected Self-Insurance Program will no longer cover any newly purchased or newly acquired 15 passenger vans.  This is due to the safety concerns that  have arisen with these types of vehicles.  We recommend that you look for viable transportation alternatives or the purchase of vans that hold 12 or less.  Any 15 passenger vans remaining in the Diocese may be required to be insured outside of our Self-Insurance Program (certificates of insurance with additional insured wording will be required).


Defensive Driving courses are available through Catholic Mutual; click on the link below to the sign in page.

You will need to create an account for the training, select the Diocese of Syracuse and they ask for a log-in name, create a password and City, Zip as well as your Diocesan location.