· Manage the risk of accidental loss from unforeseen events by developing loss prevention/security programs and policies for involving various risks with particular attention to property and liability issues.

· Provide the expertise, support, and assistance to parishes, schools and other Diocesan locations in developing more effective strategies and techniques for handling their loss prevention/security concerns.

· Continually review and analyze activities to determine the level of risk and liability and to advise management of potential sources of loss, as well as recommend how to best minimize or eliminate every loss.

· Create and maintain a safe, healthy environment for all students, visitors, and employees of the Diocese.

· Protect the assets of the RC Diocese of Syracuse from a catastrophic loss.

Please review the following material and adapt it for your specific needs.

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        To “Report a Cyber/Internet Breach”        

Within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse family, there are many types of settings. For this reason, considerable loss prevention and security information and material pertinent to our locations has been developed.  In essence, this information should further assist each location by helping:

Please contact Justin Barlett, Director of IT Department, at 315-422-9063, immediately.

Be prepared to give a detailed description of the breach to your network system.

Or contact Brian McAuliffe of the Risk Management office at 315-470-1494.

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Bulletin from the Office of Information Systems regarding hackers who solicit wire transfers and payments via email - Please read and be aware of the fake emails that may be sent to parishes looking to defraud the parishes posing as legitimate requests.

Anti-Phishing Bulletin from Diocesan Office of Information Systems